16 Nov 2016

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to legionella and legionnaires’ disease, which is why we are there to offer you the help and advice you need – that includes training, and risk assessments. But knowing something about the bacteria and the disease that it can cause could be extremely helpful in your ability to […]

09 Nov 2016

Legionella control is uniquely important. No matter where you work, where you go in your spare time, or where you visit in your day to day activities, there is always a risk of legionella bacteria being present. Recently, American Airlines has said that legionella was found in water within their maintenance hangars used at Dallas-Fort […]

05 Nov 2016

A nursing home in America has recently learned just how expensive ‘curing’ the problem of legionella bacteria in their water systems rather than a course of prevention really can be – they have had to spend $30,000 (that’s around £24,000) installing a disinfectant system to combat the problem of legionella after one patient developed legionnaires’ […]

30 Oct 2016

There is a family in America with a new member. Or rather, two families. The first is the Clemson family (Clemson is a university found in South Carolina). The second is the legionella bacteria family. And the new member? It’s none other than… drum roll please… legionella clemsonensis. Catchy, eh? Legionella clemsonensis is the newest […]

31 Jul 2016

Legionella is a strange and mysterious thing to most people. It’s a word that, to many, relates directly to illness and death. So when the news reports that there is a legionella outbreak somewhere in the country, panic can start to ensue, as it did after the 2002 Barrow in Furness outbreak. Perhaps this is […]

20 Jul 2016

Temperature control is one of the easiest ways of reducing (if not entirely eliminating) the risk of legionella bacteria proliferating within your building’s water system. And yet it is often a neglected part of any maintenance regime, which leaves the entire building open to potential infection – and leaves any visitors, employees, and members of […]

01 Jun 2016

A swimming pool which will remain nameless (on this blog) was closed recently when legionella bacteria was found within the water supply to the building. This has caused upset and inconvenience to many people in the area, including a swimming coach and his team as well as those who use the pool to socialise. But […]